Course Information

for Master of Chr Ministry Department


Evang/Ch Plntg European Worldview (2H3214)


Europe is not as monolithic in its worldview as it is may have been in the past. The current context includes Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Muslims, as well as post-modern atheists, not unlike the pluralistic setting of Canada in the 21st century. This course will address the challenges of sharing Christ in this context and will include Skyping with some who are currently doing just that. Students will learn principles of evangelism in cross-cultural settings as well as strategies for church planting. The instructor will also share about the history of Southern Baptist work in Europe among these peoples and discuss lessons learned.

Gospel & Culture (2H3215)


This course will explore ways the Gospel encounters and transforms culture. Among the topics to address: defining culture, and understanding the dynamics of cultural change; developing a biblical theology of cultural creativity and engagement; exploring historical and contemporary models of Christian encounter with culture; cultural exegesis for the purpose of mission; contextualizing the Gospel message for a given culture. Principles will be applied to the contexts ministry within the changing culture of North America, as well as cross-cultural ministry in other parts of the world.

Church Planting Lab (2I1215)


This is a field-based class in church planting. The goal will be the development of essential skills to enhance the effectiveness of planting a new, missional, multiplying church.